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This model is a proposal for a "High-performance Hybrid Motorcycle." Based on Yamaha's "Genesis" design ideal and the new "G.E.N.I.C.H." ideal reflecting the latest electronic control technologies, this model combines the lightweight, compact YZF-R6 600cc engine and a high output, high efficiency electric motor. It is designed to offer both the joy of handling of a motorcycle and the comfort and carrying capacity of a scooter. Features like the lightweight aluminum CF die-cast body with optimized rigidity balance, large diameter wheels and long wheelbase give this model running performance and handling similar to a 1,000cc class machine.
Furthermore, as Yamaha H.M.I. (Human Machine Interface) systems, this model adopts ASV (Advanced Safety Vehicle) features aimed at preventative safety functions and smart functions for increasing rider comfort. The ASV functions include (1) a vehicle-vehicle distance warning system using the latest communications technologies, (2) a cornering light system that improves nighttime vision when turning at intersections and curves, The smart functions include (1) a noise canceling system that greatly reduces wind noise, (2) a short wave tandem intercom system, (3) voice navigation function, (4) music player and hand-free cell phone function and (5) rear view monitoring system using a CCD camera and LCD display.
Front Suspension: 1.75" (44mm) Inverted Fork 7.5" (190mm) Travel
Rear Suspension: Penske Racing Coil-Over Mono-Shock, Ride-Height Adjuster 5" (127mm) Travel
Front Brake: Grimeca Single Four-Piston Caliper 12.6" (320 mm) Disc
Rear Brake: Single One-Piston Floating Wave Rotor 8.5" (215.9mm) Disc
Front Wheel: Grimeca 17 x 2.75" Aluminum, Rear: Grimeca 17 x 2.75" Aluminum
Front Tire: Pirelli MT75, 110/70-17, Rear: Pirelli MT75, 130/70-17
Rake/Trail: 24.0 Deg./3.9" (98.3mm), Wheelbase: 52.0" (1321mm), Seat Height: 28.0" (711mm), Weight: 230lbs. (105kg)
Employing state-of-the-art mechanical and electrical design technology, eCycle is developing a 180mpg motorcycle. The motorcycle features a 219cc direct injected diesel engine and a 8kW electric motor drive. The weight is 230lbs, with a top speed of 80mph and acceleration of 0-60 mph in 6 seconds. The target retail price is $5,500.
Designed along these principles, the eCycle hybrid motorcycle functions in the following manner:
1. To accelerate from a standstill, the control system senses the throttle input and then delivers torque to the electric motor. This causes the vehicle to begin moving forward and also causes the engine to begin spinning. At low speeds, no fuel is delivered to the engine, so the engine does not yet provide any power.
2. At approximately 12mph, or an equivalent engine speed of 1500rpm, the vehicle control system directs the fuel injection to begin spraying fuel into the engine. The motorcycle then receives torque input from both the diesel engine and the electric motor.
3. Once up to cruising speed, the electric motor no longer provides torque to the vehicle. Instead, since it is spinning in conjunction with the engine, the electric motor is used to very efficiently generate electricity to recharge the battery pack.
4. While cruising at a steady speed, if the control system senses more throttle input (for further acceleration to a higher speed), the electronics will re-engage power delivery to the electric motor. The torque added by the electric motor accelerates the vehicle. Once the desired speed is achieved, the electronics readjust and recommence charging the battery.
 Click to see more hybrid motorcycles & bikes  Click to see more electric hybrid motorcycle & photos eCycle - The American manufacturer eCycle is getting ready to start testing their economical hybrid motorcycle. The fuel injected 219 cc engine runs on petrodiesel, biodiesel and kerosene fuel.
eCycle claim a 180 miles to the gallon average (76 kilometers per liter), with a top speed of 80 miles per hour and 0 - 60 mph in 6 seconds. For starting and cruising, the motorcycle uses an electrical engine.
The reasonably high acceleration is due to the electrical engine. Once you've reached your cruising speed, the eCycle switches over to fuel injection.
Motor: Air-cooled two-stroke diesel twin, Capacity: 125cc, Power: 7.5kW
Induction: Parker Aerospace Macrospray injectors, Ignition: Compression, Starting: Electric
Transmission: 2-speed constant mesh with final drive by belt
Suspension: 48mm FAR inverted cartridge forks at front, Penske Racing hydraulic shock absorber at rear
Brakes: 298mm disc four-pot opposed piston Grimeca calliper front, 216mm disc single-piston Grimeca calliper rear
Tyres: Front: 110/70-17 tubeless. Rear: 130/70-17 tubeless
Wheelbase: 1321mm, Seat height: 762mm, Dry weight: 132kg
Last Press Release:
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Michael Sharer 610-939-0480 msharer@ecycle.com
eCycle Hybrid Motorcycle 2005: entry-level hybrid destined for market.
(Temple, PA – May 25, 2005) eCycle announced today that its hybrid motorcycle program has been revamped from chassis to powertrain. Re-engineered for the first time since 2001, the new hybrid motorcycle was designed to exploit the company’s latest advances. Based on the revolutionary CMG brushless motor/generator, the hybrid will offer the end user comparable performance at significantly lower voltage than previously possible. The CMG is the only brushless motor that can handle 400 amps, which translates into more power with fewer batteries and less mass. The CMG considerably reduces the complexity associated with hybrid power systems, resulting in lower maintenance and cost, and higher reliability.
The new platform, which is a series hybrid, features a single-cylinder, 4-stroke gasoline engine to achieve improved highway performance, without sacrificing fuel economy. Suspension improvements include a radical single-sided swing arm for the front end that’s matched perfectly to the aluminum monocoque frame. Other notable attributes consist of a lower, more relaxed seating position, making the platform ideal for entry level riders and commuters. The rear wheel continues to be driven by a Gates Polychain, manufactured by The Gates Rubber Company. The company’s technological inroads make the hybrid motorcycle more powerful and efficient than ever, while using less of the earth’s valuable resources. eCycle expects its new hybrid motorcycle will have more appeal than ever. Prototype testing will begin fall 2005.
About eCycle (www.ecycle.com)
Established in 1996 and located in Temple, PA, eCycle produces a line of advanced brushless motors and generators, which have a wide range of applications in commercial, industrial, and consumer markets worldwide, particularly for mobile applications.

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